Arcane SpellsMany people don't know what magic is so I will explain it first. Although there are many kinds of magic, the most common form of magic is the use of energies to achieve desired results. There are many things that we can't sense like radio waves, magnetic fields, radiation etc. Yet through experience we know that these things exist. Actually they should not be called "things" because they're not really things but since the English language is limited, I'll call them "things" for practical purposes.


There are also many types of things or energies which scientists haven't discovered yet. That doesn't mean they're not there. For example sometimes when you're sitting silently without thinking anything, you can sense the negative energy if someone behind you is very angry even if you can't see him and you don't hear him. That's because when someone gets very angry, he emanates a kind of negative energy. As I said earlier, the most common form of magic is the use of energies to achieve desired results. Through years of training, I've familiarised myself with some of these energies and I use them to cast spells.


Although what I wrote above makes sense, most people don't believe that it's possible to cast a spell on someone who lives in another country. But it doesn't make sense only if you're thinking in terms of the physical world. Energy is not physical. It does not diminish even if you cast a spell on someone who lives on the other side of the planet. On a very deep level, everything in the universe is connected. It is on that deep level that the energies affect the physical world.


Although magic is real, most people who cast spells for money are either crooks or delusional. They put fake testimonials, fancy but irrelevant photos on their website and boost their ego by telling how their spells are the most powerful. They say they cast spells but they don't even know what they're talking about. They think certain objects are necessary to cast spells. That's ridiculous because magic is about the use of energies, not physical objects. A nice looking red candle doesn't have any more energy than a rock. But it can be used by beginners to get in the right mood. For example if you want to cast a love spell, concentrating on a red candle may get you in the right mood to connect with the energy of love but that doesn't mean the candle is necessary. An experienced spell caster doesn't need any physical objects to connect with energies.


Magic is both science and art. It is science because there are laws. It's also an art because two people can use the energies in very different ways yet still achieve the same result. If you would like to know about how I cast spells, you can click the spell names on the menu. I cast many kinds of spells which I haven't listed there. So if there's a specific type of spell that you would like me to cast, please contact me using the contact section and I will tell you whether I can do it or not. When you buy a spell from me, I'll send an e-mail to your Paypal e-mail address and I will ask for required information. If you don't have a Paypal account, please contact me using the contact section after your purchase.


I cast spells on behalf of other people for a living because I like working with and feeling the energies and I like helping people. I also cast spells for people who come to me in real life. But the biggest reason that I do it is because I want to change the image of magic and occultists(magicians). Since most people who talk or write about magic don't even know what they're talking about, magic is not respected. When people see the results of my spells themselves, that's a small step towards getting magic the recognition and respect that it deserves. Sometimes I cast spells for people and after seeing that it really works, they start practicing too and that makes me happy because it's a big step towards making the occult a respected subject again, just like it was in the ancient times.

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