Money SpellI use positive energy to cast money spells. Positive energy can be modified to attract certain things like money. Other spellcasters say that casting a money spell will make a person rich. I'm afraid that's not true. But money spell can attract money as much as the universe allows. Here is what I mean: Let's say you earn 10x money in a certain amount of time. Because of the spell, there will be some small changes in your world like getting a promotion etc and you may start earning 15x money. Or you can receive some money from some unlikely places. But I can't make you win the lottery. So many people are trying to win the lottery by use of magic that even successfully changing one number would be very hard. 100 people casting spells to change numbers of lottery is like 100 people pulling an object to different directions. In the end it will be on a spot that nobody can predict. But this spell will attract money and other things that are valuable and worth money.

Here is how I cast this spell: First I start meditating. As my mind goes deeper, I concentrate on you to connect to your soul. That is possible in a deep state of meditation because on a deeper level, everything in the universe is connected. After I connect to your soul, I start sending modified positive energy which is "programmed"(for lack of a better term) to attract money. After doing that for around 10 minutes, I slowly come back.

My spells are guaranteed to work. If a spell doesn't work, please let me know and I'll refund.

If you would like to purchase the money spell, please contact me using the contact page.

Price: 50$

If you would like my coven (5 people) to cast this spell instead of just me, we can cast it for 200$. Casting a spell as 5 people makes it stronger.

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