Weight Loss SpellThe weight loss spell will increase your metabolism a lot and as a result your body will burn fat very fast. I will need your full name and date of birth in order to cast the spell.


Here is how I cast the spell:


First I start meditating. As my mind goes deeper, I concentrate on you or the person you want the spell to be cast on (I will ask for required information by sending an e-mail). In that deep state of meditation I can connect to your soul because on a deeper level everything in the universe is connected. By using your soul as bridge, I will connect to your subconscious mind and I will make a small change. That small change will make it increase the metabolism of the body a lot. As a result, not only your body will burn fat at a very fast rate, but you will also have much more energy. The spell will continue it's effect until most of the fat in the body is gone. Only a small and unnoticable amount of fat will remain because it is necessary to be healthy. After that point, you will never gain fat again because unnecessary fat will always be burned very fast.

My spells are guaranteed to work. If a spell doesn't work, please let me know and I'll refund.


If you would like to purchase the weight loss spell, please contact me using the contact page.

Price: 50$

If you would like my coven (5 people) to cast this spell instead of just me, we can cast it for 200$. Casting a spell as 5 people makes it stronger.

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