Love SpellThere are two types of love spells. One of them is the general love spell. This spell makes you attractive and it also makes the universe bring a suitable lover to you. The other is the specific love spell and it is cast on a person that you choose to make him/her fall in love with you. I will need your full name and date of birth for both love spells. For the specific love spell, I will also need the target person's full name and date of birth. A photo can substitute full name and date of birth.


Results of love spells are usually permanent but it is possible to cast a reverse spell if you change your mind later. If the spell was cast to make someone fall in love with you, he/she will show great affection to you and he/she will want to be with you all the time so I recommend a love spell only if you're sure that you want to be in a relationship with that person.

My spells are guaranteed to work. If a spell doesn't work, please let me know and I'll refund.


If you would like to purchase the love spell, please contact me using the contact page.

Price: 50$

If you would like my coven (5 people) to cast this spell instead of just me, we can cast it for 200$. Casting a spell as 5 people makes it stronger.

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